Signs Of A Yeast Infection

Signs Of A Yeast Infection

Signs Of A Yeast Infection
Know whether it is yeast infection or not

The horrible days when you wouldn’t find a single moment of peace as your body plays host to yeast and fungus infection. These microorganisms are called Candida albicans and your dreadful days begin as you start to witness the teeth clenching pain as you try to urinate. You fail to find solace when you sit or stand or even try to sleep. The change of course from pleasure to pain as you are having sex. All these indications are the sign of your yeast infection in your vagina.

Reasons behind yeast infection.
  • The imbalance between Lactobacillus acidophilus and the small quantity of yeast (already present in your vagina) can lead to the growth and development of yeast.
  • When you’re on medication of some kind especially antibiotics which causes some side effects in your body leading to the multiplication of yeast in your body.
  • High levels of estrogen in your body especially when your pregnant or are under hormone therapy.
  • The use of harmful steroids.
  • If you’re a diabetes patient, the glycogen level in your body is lowered which leads to witness in your genitals. This causes the increased growth of fungus or yeast in your genitals.
  • If you have been diagnosed with diabetes the concentration of pH and sugar rises in your blood giving an open invitation to yeast infection.
  • When you’re undergoing treatment that has weakened your immunity system. You’ll have a high risk of being attacked by yeast infection. Diseases like AIDS or Cancer.
  • Due to the wounds that your vagina has been afflicted with or some minor scratches during the use of tampons.
  • When you don’t switch to 100% pure cotton undies and go for tight and synthetic ones. You do nothing but welcome troubles for your vagina by increasing the temperature and moisture level which leads to irritation.
  • ¬†Ovulating.
  • Menopause.
  • When you take contraceptives for birth control.
Signs of yeast infection
  1. The continuous itchiness in your genitals is the first sign of trouble.
  2. You’ll face discharge from your vagina that is thick and doesn’t possess any foul smell. It is mostly whitish in color.
  3. You’ll face redness, swelling and even soreness in your genitals.
  4. The pain you undergo during coitus or intercourse.
  5. The burning sensation you feel as you pee.
  6. The continuous pain and irritation in your genitals.
  7. When this infection is passed on to your sexual partner, he might be infected too. It’s not really common in men but about 15% of men face it due to the vaginal infection in women. They will face itchiness and redness in the penile region.

Thisinfection is extremely common in women of all age groups and almost 3 out of every 5 women have undergone this infection at some point of their life. This infection may be transmitted to your partner during sex but it clearly doesn’t come under sexually transmitted diseases. You can easily confuse this with different infections that affect your vagina and often treat it in the wrong manner. This is going to harm your body in various ways and cause serious health troubles.

Effects of yeast infection on your body
  • When it occurs over and over again, you might face some serious diseases like that of leukemia, diabetes and as serious as AIDS.
  • One out of ten women face a rare condition where this infection spreads into their bloodstream and causes Candidal disease. A woman with weak immunity system have the high risk of facing such problems.

Even though it is quite painful and irritates the hell out of you 24*7,¬† it doesn’t possess any threat to your life. To be on the safe side never avoid these symptoms as soon as they appear and visit your gynecologist earlier. If you’re pregnant you must let your gynecologist know about all sorts of problems including this. Women who are aware of their weak immunity system must note all new symptoms and make that appointment with your gynae right away.

Apart from your regular gynecologist you can also consider doctors who practice and specialize in primary care,  family planning, pediatricians and internists.

Never purchase medicines without being prescribed by a doctor. But, the kind of medicines doctors generally write for such infections are antifungal, anti-rash and anti-itch. Doctors will never prescribe you drugs for oral consumption if you’re an expecting mother.

Despite the problem and the available solutions on the internet today, you must make sure you’re not treating your diseases yourself. Learn about your health problems, take them into consideration and visit your doctors. As a woman, your body undergoes a lot of complications and the only way to stay ahead of these problems is by taking care of your health and hygiene.


Signs Of A Yeast Infection

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